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Looking for a new buddy in Brooklyn who will bring their Zoom lens

Hannes Famira

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Hey everybody. I need to pick up a shot for which I am looking to borrow a crazy long zoom lens, just for one evening. Cine gears for a controlled creeping zoom (using a lens motor) and either PL or Nikon F-mount preferred. This is the missing, closing shot for my no-budget short. If you have the lens and would not mind hanging out on that hill in Sunset Park one early Winter evening, that would be tremendous. There is no rush. Sometime in November or even December would work. It would be nice to meet you and chat while we wait for the right light. I will bring my camera and everything else we need, including beers and possibly sandwiches? You will bring your lens. Just for this one shot: Cinemascope, it starts really close on a lit window and slowly, slowly keeps zooming out. First revealing facades of a row of buildings. Then you see the roofs of Brooklyn. But we keep going until the Manhattan skyline is revealed. It wouldn't hurt if there was some fog hanging between the skyscrapers that day. And finally the glow of sunset over New Jersey is revealed. Ideally I would be looking for a cine converted zoom with a filter thread of around 52mm (like any of my old Nikon primes) as I am planning to use my Schneider 2x anamorphic projection lens, which I used to shoot the rest of the project. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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