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TLS Cooke Speed Panchro set *mint*

Kenny Suleimanagich

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Helping a friend selling a beautiful and complete set of seven newly-rehoused original Cooke Speed Panchro lenses (Series 2 & 3). These have not been used since being rehousing at True Lens Services (TLS) earlier this year. Finding these lenses in good condition, not already rehoused, as become very difficult, and this set took over a year to put together before rehousing. This set consists of only the last generation of Panchros manufactured - all serial numbers start with a 7. The mechanics are of course brand new, and the condition of the glass is as good as you can get for used lenses of this vintage.
18mm Series 3
25mm Series 3
32mm Series 2
40mm Series 2 
50mm Series 2
75mm Series 2 
100mm Series 2
A TLS evaluation report is available to any serious interested buyers. A local NYC or US sale is preferred, but I can also ship internationally insured. Scales are marked in Imperial (Feet). If you send the lenses to TLS, they can make new rings for metric fairly easily for a fee. A Pelican Air 1535 (airplane "carry-on" size) case with custom-cut foam from Innerspace Cases (to hold all 7 lenses) is included. 40mm and up covers 1.78:1 on Full Frame. Plenty of additional pictures are available.
Not interested in trades - with the possible exception of Zeiss Super Speeds Mk2, Tribe7 lenses, or anamorphics.
Asking $60,000 USD.
Selling only as a set of 7 - set can't be broken up. 
Optionally available *only with the set of 7*, is a very rare 152mm Cooke Telepanchro, recently overhauled. This lens isn't rehoused, but has been converted to PL mount, and is very usable without rehousing. Markings on this lens are in both feet and meters. TLS also offers rehousing for this focal length. No case is included for the 152mm. 
Asking $70,000 USD for the set including the 152mm. 


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