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Monitor recommendation under $500?

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Hello community,

I'm looking to purchase a monitor, mostly for video editing and color grading, and I wanted to get some thoughts on what people over here recommend. :)

My budget is around 500 USD.

I'm looking at two options right now: BenQ PD2700U and BenQ SW240

The PD2700U is a 4K monitor with 100% sRGB and Rec709 and 1300:1 contrast ratio, while the SW240 is 95% Adobe RGB and 1000:1 contrast but only FullHD...

This is actually my first monitor, so I'm still learning a lot, but from what I can gather, color bit-depth and contrast ratio seem to be the most important. Obviously, 4K resolution sounds nice, especially since I edit 4K video, but I'm not sure if it will make a difference on a 27" monitor or if it will draw too much from my CPU/GPU.

I will be using it with my MacbookPro 15" (2016) with a Radeon Pro 460 (4Gb), mostly with Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and Blender (I do 3D animation as well).

've looked at other offerings from LG, Asus and Viewsonic, but somehow it seems BenQ seems the most bang-for-buck on this price range.

Any thoughts or recommendations?


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