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Using 7294 reversal film in low light / exterior day

Jordan El Amrani

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Does anyone knows how to expose this film in the two configuration mentionned ? is it possible to have good result in low light by pushing in development ? (any experience with that ?)

I am opened to any tips regarding reversal film treatment as a 1st AC (conservation, use and elese ...)

For upcoming projects, i am wondering how it would look like.

The first one is a low light / hangar / industrial environment with light coming from a dancefloor with 5 people on it (the aim would be to have color effect / aberration and dynamism like in the 'domino' movie, the dancefloor lights would help accomplishing this nighclub ambiance)

The second one is more of a natural ambiance in bright daylight with characters in the frame running on a road and other narratives sequences in the city ...

Thanks in advance ! 


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Jordan, for starters, it is a daylight balanced reversal stock with not much latitude so I suggest you use another type of film stock. It is 100 ASA as well so it will take a lot of light - sort of like shooting 7213 rated at 125 ASA. If you are set to shoot on this stock, I would rate it as is. It is a a lot higher contrast stock than negative stocks and pushing it would further increase your contrast. You want a stock like 19 with lower contrast to dig into shadows. If you are really set on shooting on this stock, for practicals etc, I would use cooler bulbs than 3200 Kelvin otherwise they will register too red. I would also mainly use daylight fixtures and some warmer fixtures - 4000- 4500K - if desired for some color contrast. If you use just straight tungsten units, they will appear too orange and will get redder as you unserexpose further. It is a reversal stock so what you shoot is sort of what you get without much leeway in post. It has a much narrower dynamic range than negative stocks, so watch your highlights and shadows. 

If you aren't set on shooting on this stock, stick with 7219 for whag youre trying to accomplish.

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