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Recommended Zoom Lens for Bolex Reflex?

Chris Peters

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Angenieux and Som Berthiot both made a few zoom lenses with the specific formulation for the reflex cameras. Unfortunately, all of them are just as big as, or bigger than the Vario Switars.

Phil Forrest

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Hi , I have exactly that lens on my camera which I got only a few weeks ago . While there is nothing particularly wrong with it , I have been shooting video for decades and used to ENG lenses with a proportional controlled motorised zoom , and found out that others here have used adaptors to mount B4 bayonet lenses ( designed for 2/3" video sensors) onto a Bolex ; relevant to my since I have just such a lens upstairs . Of course , if anything , my Canon B4 lens is bigger and heavier than the cine zoom lens I have , but my aim was to be able to use the power zoom with a suitable battery pack .


I have also just ordered a C mount to PK mount adaptor so that I can use my Pentax SLR lenses on the Bolex - in particular my SMC-M series primes , of which I have a good selection .

There are plenty of C mount adaptors to the popular 35mm SLR mounts available , and a 35mm SLR zoom lens of similar range may be lighter and more compact than the cine lens you currently have ; especially lenses designed for APSC size sensor DSLRs - just make sure you get one with manual aperture ring .

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Thanks Philip , is this likely to be an issue with my Pentax prime lenses as well ?

I just ordered the adaptor , which was inexpensive , last week and haven't received it yet . Since I'll primarily be shooting outdoors , I expect I'll be stopped down most of the time anyway . 

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