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SR3 handle extension and side plate


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Fellow filmmakers,

I've been working on this for a while, having too much time on hand like many of us for the last 9 months and a couple colleagues encouraged me to share where I was at with this project.

I have a side plate and a top handle extension to offer for $220 and $280 respectively. I designed this coming from my experience as an AC and operator with my own package and many others. I tried to think of where I'd like the stuff sit on and around the camera and placed "the matter" where it was needed to achieve that and nowhere else. No generic statements, square plates with copy/paste tapped holes, or unnecessary weight.

Here's what my design aims at doing:


  • clearing space below the side plate for users who have the DC/DC2 box or the DCC109
  • clearing access to pitch adjust and rosette
  • Mounts on the IVS cold shoe or directly on the body depending on your choice
    • speed up your workflow with the steadicam operators by simply pulling the side plate with all the gac on it and remount it on when needed
  • top edge of side plate sits at the right distance to offer mounting an MDR right on top of the mag and swing it away with UL arms or a short noga when changing mags
  • back mounting point ideal for Teradek, same for the middle top one.
  • front top mounting point ideal for a forward mounting of AC monitor
  • top front mounting point ideal for a motor rod.
  • clears VF in all positions on assistant side


  • works with IVS video handle or default handle or elbow handle depending on your choice at puchase (WIP)
  • offers 4 3/8" and 2 1/4" on top, one 3/8" per side
  • doesn't obstruct any of the moving parts of the camera like the VF
  • Tape hook at film plane (I've always hated how you have to go around the VF on operator side or under the IVS cable on AC side)
  • Alternate design with an ultra low profile available for users who have clearance issues in their cases or want the bare minimum which is 3 top 3/8" instead of 4 and the rest is the same.

Targeting  mid-spring to fulfill first orders. Money accepted in Euros or USD. No minimum quantity or order shenanigans of the sort.

Any comments welcome, still able to work feedback in. Hope to get a fully accessorized package in picture with my designs by end of winter.




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These are great designs.  I'm glad someone is actively and thoughtfully putting together solutions to help clean up modern builds for these cameras.  Very much looking forward to these being available and to see your progress with the non IVS handle solution. I think the side plates would also be perfect for the prisms with the optical elbow needed for a lot of the better HD taps for these cameras.

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Hi Toto!  The plates look quite good to me, I especially like the compact top handle.  One small thought about the handle, you might also add mounting positions for the tape hook on the left and right handle sides as well to provide some different options.

To everyone else, I've known Toto for quite a while, and worked with him several times going all the way back to film school.  I have great trust in his design expertise, and I believe the thought he's put into these accessories is obvious.  I'd certainly be interested if I owned an SR3. 🙂

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