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Shooting and Storyboarding for Narrative Music Videos

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Hi all. I was looking for some clarification regarding shooting and storyboarding for music videos. I'm currently in pre-production for a narrative music video I'm planning on shooting, directing, and editing in a couple of months. I have the concept dialed in and have begun the process of storyboarding. The way I'm doing things right now is I have the song dragged in to premiere and have  created cuts where I think logically I will want to cut while editing (based on certain sections of the songs progression as well as bars and beats). I have also assigned certain aspects/ parts of the narrative to certain sections of the song, so as things are now I'm basically thinking along the lines of "Ideally in this section of the song there will be 20 cuts, that means I need 20 shots. Also during this section of the song XYZ happens, so I have 20 shots to convey XYZ happening". While doing this the one thing I have become worried about is timing and blocking and how to achieve/ get the shots I need on set. For example, let's say I have 2 shots that based on the beat/ bar length are ideally 4 seconds long each, where the artist opens his backpack and checks a map (going from a medium to a close up), how do I time these shots on set to make sure I am able to convey what I need in the appropriate amount of time while maintaining continuity of movement so the cut is clean?  Another example would be the performer walking from point a to point b in and out of frame (enters on left and leaves on right) do I need to have them walk precisely the right amount of time for a clean cut? I'm also just wondering if I'm over thinking things and I should just shoot every shot I need and worry about it in the edit? The two scenarios I am most worried about are I shoot the entire narrative, and it is much too long, thus I end up cutting out essential information or have awkward jarring cuts, or I shoot much too little. If anybody had any recommendations or insight to how to approach this in the best way possible with all of these considerations or how they or others have done it I would greatly appreciate it.

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