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Workflow: External recorder (ProResHQ) + proxy (ProRes) for Canon C200

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Hello everybody,

I am trying  to wrap my mind around the idea of recording the material (in ProRes HQ) and proxies (also ProRes) simultaneously.

Does it make any sense? 

The shoot itself is a series of lectures and promises a lot of data. Most likely I'll be using 2+ Canon C200 cameras.

So far I've been thinking about the following:

CAM - SDI - EXT.REC (SSD, ProResHQ) - SDI - DIR. MONITOR [no proxies]

CAM - SDI - EXT.REC (SSD, ProResHQ) - AJA Ki Pro Mini [proxies] - SDI - DIR.MONITOR

CAM - SDI - Atomos shogun 7 [no proxies]
CAM - SDI - ODYSSEY 7Q (material and proxies on separate SSDs) - SDI - DIR.MONITOR
Any experiences or suggestions shared would be much appreciated.
Most likely there is a simple and direct solution which might never occur to me otherwise.
Thank you,
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Hello Satsuki,

I think the option you offer is a very good one, thank you. I was just wondering if there is any way to record some light-weight proxies in ProRes, too - something that escapes my mind. So that no additional transcoding would be needed. I've come across Shogun 7, which could be an option with its multiple input recording. Anyway, thank you for your contribution, Satsuki.


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