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Bad day on set

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I'll keep it short because its alot of information. Basically I'm key pa on a show right running from January - May. It's a amaller show with about 15-17 crew and including talent it's about 25 people maximum. We've been using the same caterer the entire time and a vast majority of the crew have been disappointed by the drop in quality. As far as I know the proper people have been told. However nobody from production is in this country they are all running things remotely. I dont believe its because of covid they just didnt make the trip. So as key obviously I'm speaking with the pm and pc and occasionally the lp about my float, picking this up, picking that up, picking up lunch on certain days etc. So I have some sort of relationship digitally with them. My question is recently we had an absolutely terrible day on set. We were shooting in the middle of nowhere and had a different catering than usual which turned out to be worse than what we had. Because we were in the middle of nowhere we had extra "locals" on set like a fire captain, police captain, medic, and a few others. So we had about 8 strangers that we weren't used to. Almost none of them followed any covid protocol whatsoever and our covid officer was off taking hikes. Once we had breakfast and lunch it was absolutely offensive at the lack of options and the quality of food. Among a plethora of other issues with the day that production dropped the ball on. My question is I'm just the key pa is it acceptable for me to send an email to the people in charge and tell them exactly what me and a few others experienced? Alot of times the ad would communicate with them about certain issues to be resolved. The ad knows about some of things going on yesterday, but he was also overwhelmed by the scope of the day. Should I go ahead and try to compose an email about covid safety concerns and how a few crewmembers didnt really eat lunch we just ate crafty snacks all day while exhausted and dirty in the middle of nowhere. Do I have that right to "complain"?

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Tough one. Have you had private conversations about this with the AD team and some other department heads already? Personally, I’d wait to bring it up until you get a majority of keys to back you. It would be a lot easier if the 1st AD, 1st AC, Gaffer, Key Grip, or DP talked to the PM about it as well, asking for changes to be made.

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Yea I agree with Satsuki, have a discussion in person with the AD team first. It's kinda their job to push things up the ladder. 

Also, I've been on a lot of low budget shows and stuff like what you're describing is behavior I've seen as well. 

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