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Hi All, 

Looking for some advice for a VFX shot of a stadium and crowd. I'm trying to get a really high quality finish on a self funded budget. 

I'll only need one shot to sell it. 

Planning on shooting on location to get the correct terrain ( a running track)

the shot is of a group of sprinters running across the finish line with the crowd and stadium behind. 

Debating shooting it with a large green and keeping the shot static to simplify it. Ideally it would have a pan in it with tracking markers.

If anyone has any recommendations on VFX artists to hire or any other advice. It would be gratefully received. 




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Pan and tilt isn't that complicated. Full 3D tracking isn't that complicated anymore.

Can you feasibly get in enough extras to move them around and fill up the stadium in blocks, or is it wildly beyond that point? If you can do that, your course is reasonably clear. If it's a reasonably flat tracking situation with reasonably rectlinear lenses, you could shoot all that as tiled lockoffs.

If you can't, then you're into generating something. I've never done anything like that, but a few approaches spring to mind. If you could find or shoot some reasonably appropriate stock footage and massage that into place, great - that might work if it's deep background and out of focus, but not if you really want to feature it. I'm reminded that the crowd in the pod race in Star Wars was just painted q-tips, so maybe you could do something with a particle system, or something.

Did I just sentence a five-strong film crew to spending an hour sitting in various seats, wearing each other's coats? 

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