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Best on camera monitor

Moritz Moessinger

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I‘ve been struggling with rental monitors for several years now (hard to calibrate, bad panels, too bright/too dark) and are finally going to buy myself an monitor to bring to every job.

With a wide range of monitors on the market, I am wondering what to best option in the 5-7inch range would be? 

I‘ve been looking at SmallHD Cine/ or more classical TV-Logic but the reviews are fairly mixed.

My main focus is the ability to calibrate the monitor (Color and brightness/contrast) and have a reliably image to look at. It should be decently rugged as well, to withstand the wear and tear of film shoots. Since I primarily work with ARRI cameras, SDI Input/output is all I would need.

Thank you for your ideas/thoughts

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I don't know if there is a good answer these days. the old tv logics where accurate, but small and very dim.

I feel like the quality has gotten better over the years and certainly much brighter, but if I want to really look at what I'm shooting I ask for a large panel onset and if we are shooting daylight it needs to be tented since none of the high bright monitors seem all that accurate.

The small HD 703 seems to be the industry standard, but I don't really trust it.

curious what others think.

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For color accuracy I’d really recommend the tvlogic route, for something in that size the vfm-058 and 055 are both solid picks and the 055 is also an oled. As a focus puller I love the 703 because of it’s size and feature set but I’d never really want to light off of it.

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That is the main reason what keeps me from going the Flanders route or buying something big. I want something handy that fits into my luggage when travelling. I don’t really mind the brightness of the 055 or 058 TVLogics but they are a little bit outdated and not as easy to calibrate as the newer ones. I’ve never worked with an F7 or F5 since rentals seem to be relying on the old ones as well. 

I think good monitoring is an important topic since it is really hard to get a monitor you can rely on via a rental. 

I am wondering if it is more important to have something consistent I can get used to no matter if it is 100% spot on or if I should try to get the best color accuracy possible. 
What do you think? I guess in order to judge the lighting a good contrast is the most important thing or am I wrong?

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