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SR3 start-up FPS

Simon Gulergun

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I’m at prep for a job this weekend, using DP’s personal SR3. Seems to want to go back to 29fps from anything else I try setting it at. Would like it to start-up at 24fps.

Any ideas?


edit: to clarify, I’m able to set it at 24fps after turning it on. However, upon start-up, it goes back to 29fps

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Make sure to read the manual carefully, it can be a bit confusing setting speeds on an SR3. Here’s the relevant page:


I’m assuming you not using an external speed control

Make sure the Lock switch is not engaged, you can’t change settings if it is.

There is a sliding switch with NORM and PS/CCU settings. In the NORM position you can only have certain preset speeds - 24, 25, 29.97 or 30. If your camera is reverting to 29 that switch must be set to PS/CCU which is for non standard speeds.

In the NORM position, and Mode 1 (the first screen in the mode cycle), use the SEL button to choose 25 FPS, then press SET before it stops flashing.

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3 hours ago, Dom Jaeger said:

Make sure to read the manual carefully, it can be a bit confusing setting speeds on an SR3. 

Thanks Dom, yeah I’ve followed all those instructions. I’m in Norm and mode 1. Keeps resetting to 29fps. 

DP said the camera flew this past week, maybe it got knocked on the head too many times, or maybe I have. Will keep working at it

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Sounds like a fault. There is an internal memory battery that remembers settings when the camera is switched off, which needs replacing after some years otherwise the camera resets when it’s powered down. But this is losing the settings while it’s still on, right? And reverting to 29fps (not 29.97) is odd. It shouldn’t do that in Norm mode. 

Hope you get to the bottom of it.



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