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LOG shooters out there

Stephen Sanchez

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I run into situations where my camera can't apply a LUT to the monitor out.

It's been happening when post requests HD footage. And the FX9 camera can't downsample from the 6k sensor to HD and apply a LUT at the same time. So in the "HD" scenarios, I and everyone else gets log.

Now, I've loaded a LUT into my on-cam monitor and can expose fine. But that LUT doesn't pass through to the director or clients. (It gives the option to pass a more contrasty default LUT, but not mine). You don't want the business end receiving a more blown-out image than you're actually recording. So, as a holdover, I've borrowed an AC-powered Blackmagic Teranex Mini Converter and use it on the director's end to apply a the same LUT.

How the heck do you apply a LUT on camera-end and send it to all the monitors? Is Teradek the only option?

What other on-cam monitors actually pass your loaded LUT through?

Thanks folks.


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Just got off a shoot with 13 or so FX6’s, an FX9 and a few A7’s. I needed all cameras to output a logarithmic signal for me to monitor while the rest of VV needed to see a regular standard rec709 signal (about 5 or so monitors, 2 on switchers). 
I personally went with the switchers going through inline LUT boxes (Teradek COLORs) and the rest of the monitors where looped through BM 12G HDMi to SDI converters and a few on a teranex and occasionally a ultra studio rack. 
In your scenario you can load custom LUT’s onto 12G converts and I believe 6G and 4G (maybe) converters as well (however unsure) they have a small form factor and are relatively cheap. 
Teradek color’s are good when partnered with a live grading solution however in your case I don’t really believe it necessary. 
I did end up using an older BM I/O 3G box it was able to take multiple channels and worked with pomfort so in my situation it was perfect but yeah for something small the newer 6G-12G converters are something to look into.

Apologise for terrible wording, wrote on phone.

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That's a lot of cameras. My god.

Thanks Gabriel. Yeah, I've done rack mount converters for log multicam shows. I was hoping to hear about a DA box with LUT capability that would fit on the back of a camera. So it sounds like I'm heading in the best direction.

Thanks for the suggestions.

[edit: answered my own question]

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In my opinion, the most elegant option would be an on-camera monitor that can apply the LUT downstream.  I use a smallHD503 which is handy because the downstream LUT can be controlled separately from the operator's LUT.  obviously, replacing your monitor would be a significant cost but avoids adding another box to your rig!

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