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Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm filter thread

Daniel Kuberek

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Does anyone know of a solution to attach a filter onto the front of an S2 or S3 18mm Panchro?

The S3 retaining ring doesn't look like it has any thread, so maybe a clamp is the only way—in which case, does anyone know the required diameter?

As for the S2 18mm T2 Panchro, it does look like there's a thread inside the retaining ring. Does anyone know the size?

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Measure the outside diameter and compare that with push-on filter holders by Kodak, Tiffen, or Harrison and use the series filter closest to the lens size.  There a million Harrison push-ons available on eBay.

A brass or aluminum push-on mated to the back side or your mattebox  (like cokin fits for their plastic square filter contraption) would allow for mattebox and pro size square, round, or rectangular filters, in addition to focus movement in and out.  Many lenses for 16mm format did not have threads so push-ons ruled the day for every lens on the camera.  ( Three 85B's, 85N6, 85N9 for wide. normal, & tele lenses... lenshoods?  fuggit about it!!) 

If that fails, then ask your LA rental house whom they use for machine work.

I went to Clairmont's back in the 80's for something,  but stuff they were doing for "Batman" overloaded them, so they referred me to someone off LaCieniga (spelling?), Blvd.  He did a great job for me but I don't remember his name, or know if his shop still exists.

If this is not the right answer, then hopefully it will put you onto the right direction.

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