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How long can the Aputure 600d run off batteries at max output?

Rob silcox

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  • Can achieve half output with two V-mount or Gold Mount batteries (14.4V / 15A, 26V / 8.5A, 28.8V / 7.5A)
  • Can achieve max. power with two V-mount or Gold Mount batteries (26V / 18A, 28.8V / 16A)

Just divide that into 2 and then divide that Into the mAh of the battery. Assuming it's a fully charged in good condition battery. So 2 90Ah battery at 28.8v (28.8v means 2 fully charged 14.4v batteries, 26v batteries I'm assuming means 2 14.4v batteries that after usage the voltage has dropped to 13v) last at 50 % for  24hrs for and at 100% for 11.25hrs. U

You could use a multimeter to count it more accurately 

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It’s not hard to run stuff up to 300W on battery but beyond that it’s a bit of a head scratcher unless you can put a hand on 28.8V  high load V-mount batteries, but they’re hard to source at a rental house.
The few times I had a 600d on battery I used 14.4V regular camera batteries, I think they were 180Wh. The bigger the better. I had two batteries on each side with shark fins, so four in total in order to spread the load and not damage the batts. Still, it only lasted around 30mn it will shut down above 50%. It works for a quick shot (which is what we needed) but is not a perfect solution and as you can see the math and real world don’t always match.
I recommend to only use this setup for 300w lights. Same for a VCLX, even at 28V you’re limited to roughly 300W (12A) of load.

For a 600d currently I’d recommend using a good power bank such as the ecoflow River Pro which will run it for roughly 50mn at ≈90% power. They make a higher end model too, the Delta. Not really elegant, since you’re converting DC to AC and back to DC, but currently the most plug-and-play reliable option IMO.

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A bit late to the party, but maybe someone else finds this useful.

For the Aputure 600d to run on full power you need 720W, probably 600 for the light and 120 for the control box.
This means that you need a total of 720Wh worth of batteries to run it for 1h.

The light has 2 battery slots. Which means we can divide the 720Wh by 2. Which gives 360Wh.

To my knowledge there are not many v-mount batteries with 360 Wh. There are some around 350Wh.

This means that you can probably never expect the lights to run for 1h on 100% with just 2 batteries.

The battery also needs to be able to deliver 360W continously. That means Power = Voltage x Current.

You need a combination of voltage and current that equals 360W during the whole time. And also keep in mind that the battery voltage drops from full charge to empty.

With just 2 V-mounts, I dont think you should expect more than 30-35 mins on 100%. on 50% double the time, but then you are better of with a Aputure 300d which control box only draws 50W, so you would get more light output with the same power as the 600d on 50%.

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