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Lighting Mylar Confetti

Rolla Tahir

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Hi everyone, I'm new here, hoping someone here has had experience lighting glitter/mylar/confetti.

The director is looking to drop small rectangular pieces of mylar confetti onto a static subject and wants it to glisten/twinkle on camera. The subject is lit from the top (halo lighting, likely with a diffused ARRI 1k) but I'm wondering if that somewhat hard lighting would do the trick or if I need to light the confetti differently?

I'm shooting on 16mm 500T Kodak.


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My last confetti scene was shot in daylight, in the shade of buildings.

To make the confetti sparkle I used my biggest lamp, an 18k HMI to backlight (or as close to backlight as I could without the lamp being in frame).

To make the confetti sparkle, high contrast if your friend, so a hard light from the side or back looks best.

You can see the effect here at about 2:50 into this clip 


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Thanks very much Bruce and Andrew.

We're definitely going for a high contrast look and we're shooting in a studio which I think helps a bit more than daylight.

It's very helpful to see examples and know the setup that resulted in them. Hopefully after the film is processed I can share my own results here.

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