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I saw it back In January, in DVD, But I Can't wait for the theater, Its the one of the most beautifull films in this time.

Its a Poem.

In the AC last year they had and article about it, so they didn't relace until now.


So I was excite when i saw the trailer in Kill bil V2(great movie by the way)

PLease, a most see movie.

Eduardo Fierro

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I agree, in my opinion she is the most gorgeous asian actress at the moment. But there are many.


I saw this film almost 6 months ago in Malaysia. Release times are all weird. Some of the CGI was really bad. I didn't like the CGI with the arrows raining down onto the city. It was like cheap early Xena kind of CGI...


But the individual fight scenes between Jet and the others were really cool.


Yeah and the imagery was gorgeous.

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