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Has anyone heard from Bolex lately??

Pal Ando

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Bolex Rex 4 and wanted to get it serviced and converted to a super 16. I've been trying to get a response from Bolex.com for months and sent numerous emails but with no success. I have also tried calling their number but instantly get cut off as if the phone number was not in use. The website says that their site is under construction but that they are still repairing and converting despite covid.

Has anyone had any luck hearing from them lately??


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I don't know about Bolex the company, but I do know that Duall in the US, Simon Wyss in Switzerland, and Dom Jaeger in Australia do Bolex camera (as well as lens) servicing. Duall was offering Super 16 conversions too. Best to check. I think Les Bosher in the UK might still be doing work on Bolexes as well, and possibly Jean-Louis Seguin in Canada, and no doubt there are others.

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No-one has been able to contact Bolex International in Switzerland since they were sold about two years ago. I would operate under the assumption that they are permanently closed now. It's a shame because they still had a lot of parts, hopefully those don't just get thrown out. 

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