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Samsara 2011

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Just watched this film for the first time on Blu Ray. I haven't seen this film before, but I've been wanting to since before it was released. I have seen Ron Fricke's other features like Kooyaniqatsi and Baraka. I haven't seen Chronos yet. Technically a very well done film as per usual for Ron Fricke. I wondered how he got some of the shots he did, as I can't imagine a crane being allowed in some of the locations. Theme of birth, death, and rebirth were evident. This film really exploited the degradation of human society. Looking at the transfer, I wondered- was this filmed on Fuji stock? It seemed to have Fuji colors all over it. It was a very cool toned film with excellent greens and blues. After  watching, I still think Baraka was his best work, though the imagery in this one was excellent. The tracking shots during time-lapse were great. Anyone know the technical info on this film?

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From my understanding Fuji didn't make 65mm stock, so it was all shot on Kodak Vision 3. 

It was also a DI finish, unlike Baraka which was a photochemical finish. It was also the first movie ever to be scanned and finished in 8k. 

There are many articles written about the making of, a quick google search should show you the American Cinematographer article and I believe there is a BTS YouTube video as well. 

I have met and talked with Ron before one on one, he's a perfectionist in every sense of the term so I wouldn't doubt for a second he was able to do things in those locations nobody else has been able to. He's very ingenious, he and his collaborators probably have some very unique solutions to the questions you asked. I would search some more, I'm sure all your answers are on google.       

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Fuji made 65mm stock as a special order - the 3D IMAX movie “Wings of Courage” was shot on Fuji. But I don’t know about “Samsara”, I thought Fuji had gotten out of selling movie color negative stock by then.

Just because something has nice blues and greens doesn’t mean it was shot on Fuji, plus you’re talking about something digitally color-corrected.

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2 hours ago, Scott Pickering said:

David. Apparently Fuji stopped making motion picture film in 2013, long after the movie was released.

Yep, march 2013 was the end of the factory. 

But yes, Samsara is 100% shot on Kodak. 

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