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WTB: Sync Sound Super 16mm Camera Package w/ Zoom Lens & Possibly Tripod

Adam Guzik

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Hey, folks!

Looking at upgrading from my handy little Krasnogorsk-3 to a more serious, solid sync sound super 16mm camera package sometime in late Q3 to Q4 of this year.  I'm looking for a sync sound body that can do up to 72 fps crystal speed, really good registration for a really steady image at any frame rate, 4 to 6 400ft magazines, freshly re-celled batteries, and a nice zoom lens.  For the lens, I don't need one with the biggest zoom range or the fastest aperture, but something decently wide to decently telephoto and lighter-weight.  I'm also possibly looking for a tripod to go with the package in case I can't make use of my existing tripod.

My plan right now is sometime this month I'll be buying myself a Pocket 6K Pro and accessories just to have a good quality digital cinema camera, and then the super 16mm camera is what I'll be after next.

Budget is going to be around $12-16K USD.  

I'd personally love to get my hands on an Aaton XTR Prod, as it's what I used in college, and I appreciate how easy it is to load, but I'm all ears for other suggestions!  If you know of any packages or where to go looking for them, hit me up!

Thanks so much, folks!


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Been kinda in the same boat and sadly it seems like an XTR Prod is suuuuper rare to find in that price range 😞 Especially with a lens. You might find a decent SR3 kit for that price but, again, not with a lens. A basic SR2 kit with lens might be more realistic.

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Might be worth it to give the people over at Visual Products a shout. Last time I talked to them looking for a Super 16 they had some priced in that range with their HD video taps. Don't know if they came with any zooms though!

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What I would highly recommend you do is buy a decent 16mm camera which has the option of at the very least attaching a 400ft magazine and simply buying a crystal sync or arriflex SR3 motor and installing it in the camera in place of the old motor. Truth is that you don't really need any of the $8,000-$15,000 16mm cameras out there if you just buy a 400ft mag, replace the motor, and buy a blimp to silence the camera noise. Literally saved me thousands of dollars in camera buying. 

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