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Arriflex 16ST/16M screws types

Stéphane Mandelkern

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It will be metric, since Arriflex is European. They should be pretty standard sizes from memory, coarse metric.

You could take the screws you want to replace to a hardware or fastener shop and they should be able to measure the diameter and pitch, or you can buy tools that measure such things quite cheaply.

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After having measured with a caliper one of the screws that hold the body, these measures are :

2,18mm of diameter and 8,3 mm length.

- 2,18mm diameter is not a standard metric size. It corresponds to 0,085 inch.

- for 8,3mm length, I counted by hand 18 threads. 18 threads on 8,3mm corresponds to approximatively 55 threads per inch.

On the site of McMaster-car, I read that 0,086 inch of diameter ans 56 threads per inch is a standard inch threads size named "2-56".

Hence, it seems to me that Arriflex screws could be an inch system of measurement and not metric.

However, I will test a metric size screw to check if it penetrate well in the hole.

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I promise you will not find Imperial screws in an Arriflex, unless someone jams one in there, they are metric cameras. (The only Imperial exceptions for metric cameras are the 3/8” and 1/4” camera screw standards for mounting to a support.)

I have come across M2.3 screws in Arris, they are either 0.4 coarse or 0.45 fine metric pitch, I forget which. The diameter you measure is always a bit smaller than the nominal size.


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Hi everybody,

I bought metric type screws and it works well. With standardized dimensions named M2, M2.5, M3, etc. That defines diameter and threads.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of types on this camera. Some, like the M2.2 are difficult to find in France.

But metric types definitely work.

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