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How MFA Programs Perpetuate the Taboo Against Artists Having Children

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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Both male and female faculty internalize the idea that responsibility for raising children precludes serious art and then they recapitulate it. Takeaway from UPenn 2010...“most successful female artists are either childless or lesbians.”

I guess it is not kosher nowadays to tell artists that. People get mad if you tell them the truth.
What is promoted nowadays is the idea that you can do or be anything you like.  I'm just glad I don't have to be responsible for kid/s. I could not stand the stress nor the cost. Nowadays, it is enuf stress just paying for rent for a closet and some food.
Besides artists, lots of Americans have cut back on having babies. Some say it is to save the planet. But I think a lot of it is...babies are too $$.
It is not like the old days with granny was taking care of the babies. People are spread out. No granny to be found. And in some locals, hard to even get a babysitter.
My advice to artists...
You had better be successful with your art if you want babies or be married to a non-bohemian to pay the bills. A 2 bohemian couple may have a tough time nowadays. Cheap artists' lofts or cold-water flats are long gone. And if babies are a must, and your income is uncertain, then you need to be well versed with how welfare works.
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