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Up for sale is the Eclair NPR Super 16mm camera package in great condition.


Package comes with these:


- Camera converted to Super 16, with a PL Mount & "C" Mount; ground glass re-centered for S16.

- Lens converted from its "CA" Mount to PL Mount.

- New battery, cable and charger, tested to be fully functional.


Items also included:


- Angenieux 9.5 / 95mm... 1:2.2 lens PL Mount + sun visor and directional rod.

- Protective cover and soundproofing / blimp... for camera.

- 2 120meters magazines.

- Perfectone motor.

- 1 Flight case.

- Facsimile of the original instructions for use.


The Price is 2060 GBP (the cost of shipping not included)


Items location is Wales.


Camera and lens conversion fully done by Les Bosher; battery, cable and charger with modern components also replaced and tested by him. Communication with him about any concern is encouraged.

Camera recently serviced, and operation checked by the same camera engineer, it's all ready to shoot. No issues.


Images below shows the items that come with the package.

Attached Images: (Photos are of camera before upgrading)


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Sorry, I should have said the Eclair Flea Market thread. You've visited already. You can see it now on the Eclair subforum and there is a link to it in the pinned threads at the top of that page (Eclair).

The idea with The Eclair Flea Market thread was that items for sale are put in a reply. We end up with all Eclair items in one thread, easy to find, not disappearing downstream in the high volume traffic of cinemarketplace. And it's a useful summary of what people are selling...

But if one wants to start a thread to advertise in the Eclair sub-forum, one can, no problem

Any other questions or suggestions let me know.


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