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Arri Alexa Mini


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1x K0.0014797 ALEXA Mini Body + 4:3 + ARRIRAW (latest firmware) 890hrs !!!!!

1x K2.0005861 ALEXA Mini Viewfinder MVF-1

1x K2.0003216 Titanium PL LDS mount with LBUS

1x K2.0006186 Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3

1x 15mm Reduction Insert

1x K2.0008135 Cable ALEXA Mini to MVF-1 0,75m/29in

2x K2.0006348 Mini Side Bracket MSB-1 for ALEXA Mini

1x K2.0006334 Mini Adapter Plate MAP-1

1x K2.0006352 Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-4

2x K2.0006347 Mini Adapter Plate MAP-2

1x K2.75007.0 AMIRA Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC-50

1x K2.0006140 Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1

1x K2.0006807 Shoulder Pad CSP-1

1x K2.73002.0 Center Camera Handle CCH-2

1x K2.72021.0 Cable ALEXA ETH/RJ45 (3.0m/9.8ft) KC 153-S

1x K2.0006170 EXT-RS Adapter ALEXA Mini

1x K2.0008509 Broadcast Plate for ALEXA Mini

1x K2.0000399 QRP-1-Baseplate

2x Support Rods 240mm/9.4in, Ø15mm

2x Support Rods 340mm, Ø15mm

1x K2.45886.0 Standard righthand articulating Handgrip

2x K2.47863.0 Handgrip Extension, long

2x K2.47648.0 Handgrip Extension, short

1x K2.47862.0 Handgrip with on/off switch RS-3 pin

2x K2.0013615 Extension Spacer 50mm

1x K2.72038.0 EDB-1

6x K2.0003623 c-fast cards

1x Lexar CFast Card Reader












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