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New Super8 and 16mm Film Processing service in Sydney Australia

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8 hours ago, Karim D. Ghantous said:

Who on Earth would get an H.265 scan? You're saving less than 10% on 16mm scanning for a crappy codec. Scanning is only done once, so get it right the first time. I am disappointed that they even offer H.265.

Unfortunately the scanning is not really competitive with other, better options in Australia. It’s a Moviestuff home movie scanner, pretty low-end compared to the GoldenEye II and ScanStation options available in Melbourne. And the pricing is actually more expensive than Memorylab’s 2.5K ScanStation scans. 

Still, it’s good to see some other processing options become available in Oz.

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Any thoughts as to why they will only process current stocks, and how they determine expiry date on professional stock that doesn't have one- or is there one on Super-8 ECN? I haven't seen a fresh can of MP stock since '97. (That's 7297 btw, not 1997?)

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