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Info re Pathe Super 16 Camera wanted.

Jonathan Woolf

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Hi- I have come across this old beast- winds fine, motor purrs. 2 Son Berthiot lenses- look good.  The movement looks very clean.  I don't know a thing about this camera, wondering if anyone can point me to some tech info.  Viewfinder is currently seized, so I can't focus it, but I do get a fuzzy image TTL, so I am hopeful that the pellicle is intact but schmutzy. What is the difference beteen this model and the Pathe Webo? I see a few of them around.  This one is #4320.    


One of the lenses is puzzling- It is in 2 parts, one screwing into the front of the other. Maybe it's a doubler??



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I'm not sure of the exact Pathé 16mm camera model lineage, but the first Pathé camera launched in the mid/late 1940s was known as the "WEBO". This is an acronym of the two original designers Jean Weissbrodt and Jean-Jacques Broïdo. The cameras were branded "WEBO", later "WEBO M" and some as "Super 16" however this has nothing to do with the Super 16 format invented later and this camera was standard 16mm format.

Detailed info on Pathé camera models in 9.5mm and 16mm formats can be found on Grahame Newnham's Pathe site:


Mark E.
Palo Alto, CA USA


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