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Selling ARRI 416 PLUS with 3 Mags

Olaf Blomerus

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Hello Everyone!

I'm selling my ARRI 416 PLUS with 3 MAGS and an Elokuvakonepaja 416 Power Adapter w/ Video converter.

I've only owned it since about June and recently tested it to make sure everything was in working order and it is. I work in Film & Visual Effects so it's going to spend most of the time looking beautiful on my shelf and as much as I want it... I don't need it. That said I don't "need" to sell it. If the right buyer is out there, great, but please no low ball offers. I'm not listing on EBay or any other sites because I don't want to have to bite the insane fees and/or mark it up more to compensate.  

The set comes with everything you see in the pictures (misc cables etc) BUT... two notes. 

First... 2 of the 3 OBB's were DOA for me. One was leaking and other was just dead with no recovery. That said the Elok... power adapter makes it V-Mount which I much prefer. I will include the OBB battery that's left and cables but in my opinion they're ready to go. 

Second... the foam in the cases has seen better days. It's disintegrating and sticky. So while I will use it to ship or deliver you'll definitely want to get new foam or new cases. I was planning on getting the Jason Cases one if I kept it. I'll make sure everything is wrapped and protected so you don't have to go through the clean up detail I had to. 

I'm happy to answer any questions, hop on the phone with serious buyers, FaceTime, Zoom, whatever and show you through everything etc. 

Not sure on the best payment solution/process. I've read the scam awareness post but I'm confident whoever ends up taking this beauty home we'll figure out the details. 

Asking $55K USD and fairly firm on that. 

I'm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Cheers and thanks for reading.



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