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Feedback for an experimental 16mm & RED short - 《 E t h e r e a l 》

Jack Jin

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Link to full short: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYZHUB_uj0s&ab_channel=crappyfish123

I shot this project partially on ultra 16 and Vision 3 250D, and majority of it was shot on my Red Epic Dragon 6K. The lenses I used were mostly the Tamron 24-70 f2.8, and the Canon 24mm f1.4L ii for the early morning shots, with the Tokina 11-16 used for the sports shots. The compression ratio used was 6K HD and 5k HD at 6:1 to avoid artifacts. I pushed the Red to 6400 and 12800 in order to get better highlight latitude and also more noise and texture. Since I wanted a more gritty look to match the 16mm footage. The whole short film is shot at my classmate/actor's apartment and our highschool. Would love to know your guy's opnion and how I can further improve!

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