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Overexposing vs shooting slower speed

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What are the key differences that can be found in overexposing a faster film stock vs simply shooting a slower film stock. Let’s say I have a roll of 200T and a roll of 50D. I shoot the 50D at box speed, but with the 200T I overexpose by two stops. To state the obvious, of course I will have a brighter, more blown out, and overexposed image for the 200T. But if I were to bring the footage into DaVinci and correct the scan to resemble a standard exposure, what kind of visual difference between the 50D and 200T can I expect?

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Overexposing does not make the grain smaller since the grain size determines the sensitivity. What overexposing does is expose the smaller, slower grains in between the large ones, creating a tighter grain structure. You might also expect the overexposed 200T to look a bit lower in contrast than the 50D.

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