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Can you name a good videogame adaptation that's actually good.

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Hey guys hope everyone is doing FANTASTIC!


I saw a YT video called "The Video Game Adaptation Curse"



In the video, Stuckmann tries to question the videogame adaptation "curse".

I find the video very interesting. And it occurred to me that an example he didn't mention is "Dragon Quest: Your Story". 

"Dragon Quest: Your Story" is a movie based on a video game and it is very well made. the ending never failed making my eyes teary.

what do you guys think?? can you tell another good videogames adaptation???

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I don't think anyone had a big problem with the first Tomb Raider movie, although it doesn't do very well on Rotten Tomatoes. Arcane is a TV show, but that reviews well. The Witcher is another TV show that goes down better with people who haven't played the games, raising the question of whether a faithful adaptation is more important than good film or TV material. Apparently the upcoming Last of Us adaptation is reasonably good, which it should be, considering it was written by Craig Mazin, he of Chernobyl.

The thing is, if you're looking for a heady, cerebral experience, you're not going to get that from a video game adaptation. You're generally going to get an action movie. You can criticise video games for too often being effectively a simulation of an action movie, but you can't really criticise the adaptations of them for being what they are. I have a soft spot for the first Resident Evil movie, for instance. I'm told it has very little to do with the game and it's far from high art, with a couple of laughably bad CGI moments and no more story than it needs, but I take the position that it's a perfectly serviceable little action movie. It's not Cameron level, but there's nothing wrong with it. People who don't like action movies tend to look at video game adaptations and criticise them on the same basis anyone can criticise any action movie, and they're right, but I wouldn't criticise a Jane Austen adaptation on the basis it's a nineteenth-century romance, because that's exactly what it's supposed to be.

Obviously that's not to make excuses for the likes of Uwe Boll, but that's my feeling on the matter. But then I like good-looking action movies, and honestly, given the popularity of the likes of Aliens, it seems I'm not alone.


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My kids‘ forced me to watch "The Emoji Movie". It was much better than expected, and I really enjoyed watching it. (Okay, it‘s not exactly based on a game, but only on some extended character sets. 😉)

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