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Scoopic MN and AA Battery Adapter

M Joel W

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Selling my Scoopic MN, sorry to see it go.

In great shape EXCEPT that the light seals could use replacing (I have seen light leaks under bright sun, but nothing too bad) and the viewfinder window is VERY HAZY. I will post a separate picture so you can see what I'm talking about. Regardless, could use a service for sure. But cosmetically beautiful and runs well.

Includes accessories like lens hood, lens cap, ND4 filter, skylight filter, battery (I believe there are two and they're working), charger, AA battery adapter, flight case, etc. 

Runs well but the viewfinder is too foggy to judge focus through easily (I had to zoom in and focus then zoom out). Just shot two rolls with it, they looked great. Great camera. 

$1500 plus shipping for everything. Sorry to see this go. I might recommend sending it in for a service but it's in beautiful condition other than the aging light seals (which aren't even that bad) and hazy viewfinder window (which is pretty bad).

IMG_1671 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_1672 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_1673 Large Medium.jpeg

IMG_1674 Large Medium.jpeg

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Looks like the sale fell through (my bad for not following up faster), so this is for sale again. 

The viewfinder is quite hazy and I think needs a CLA overall. But cosmetically this camera is showroom clean, it looks brand new. Would rather sell it to someone here than put it on eBay.

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