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Motion Blur without doing a timelapse motion control


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Hi everyone! 
Would any of you perhaps know how to or can advise me on how to achieve a shot where: An actor walks in front of a car and open the door. The camera jibs down and track with him and pushes in (as an example. The point is that the camera is moving). I need the car to be sharp without motion blur, but I need the actor to be blurry! So a bit like a motion control timelapse, but the actors motion is in real time. 
I hope that makes sense. 
Here is an example...except I dont want the actors to have a sped up / timelapse quality in their movement. It needs to be real time. 

Thanks so much for any help with this. 
P.S At the moment I am thinking motion control robot doing multiple passes at different framerate/shutterspeeds, but I am worried that the compositing where the blurry parts are will look rubbish on the car....


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I was thinking that another solution could be to use a 3D rig, with one camera set to slow fps/shutter, and the other set to normal. Then in post they have the choice to mix or not.
We will have one day of motion control, but the other two days for the shoot I need another "cheaper" solution...



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