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WTB // Arriflex SR2 or SR3 S16

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Hey there,


I am looking forward to purchase an Arriflex SR2 or SR3 (Advanced HS) in May/June.

Best would be EU - located (I'm in Germany), nevertheless I am considering to buy one overseas as well.


Looking forward to serious offers. Thanks in advance!


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Hi Joshua,

We have these. If your interested please email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for more info. They are not located in EU.

Arri SR3 Advanced HS Camera Package $24K
Arri SR-2 HS Evolution Kit $21K

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I am considering selling mine as i need money to fund my new company.

Belgium based

- 1x arri sr 2 body

- 3x magazines

- 1x V-lock battery + d-tap to xlr 4 pin cable

- 1x cinematography electronics speed control (5fps to 75fps)

- 1x Canon 10-100 f3.1

- 1x extender for viewfinder

- transport bag for everything


asking 10 k, sell with invoice from my production company.


i can send pictures and footages shot with it last month.






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1 hour ago, Joshua Maciejok said:


still want to purchase arri sr3 or sr2 (best in europe; we're located in germany)

thanks in advance!

Daniil Nevsky has an SR3 for sale. He's a good man. You can contact him on Instagram @kamera_doctor

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