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Garage Sale (cameras, optics, monitors, accessories, etc) [EUROPE]

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Hello, I have the following items for sale.


Please click on the prices to follow the EBAY link for each item and see the pictures.

I'm willing to deal outside of Ebay of course. Get in touch!




-Canon C300 Mk3 Full Kit: SOLD



-Mitchell Hi Speed Set of 6 lenses (vintage, full frame, very rare): 89.990€ OPEN TO OFFERS

-Hasselblad 30mm PL MOUNT: 1.900€

-Hasselblad 50mm PL MOUNT: 1.750€

-Canon FD 24mm f2: 550€

-Canon EF 24mm f1.4 L: 499€

-Canon EF 14mm f2.8 L: 350€

-Sony PL Primes 50 & 85mm: SOLD



-ARRI FF2 Follow Focus: SOLD

-Feet Scale for ARRI 50mm Ultra Prime: 100€

-Feet Scale for ARRI 85mm Ultra Prime: 100€



-TVLOGIC VFM-056 (2 units, price per unit): SOLD

-TVLOGIC VFM-058 (2 units, price per unit): SOLD


0% VAT offered for EU VAT Registered companies.
0% VAT for International Buyers.
Shipping worldwide at buyer's expense from Madrid, Spain.

EMAIL: info at harmonicarental dot com

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