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The Perfect Interview Key Light - Godox F600Bi

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The new Godox F600Bi Bi-Color 4x4 LED Light Panel looks to be the perfect interview key light for corporate and documentary projects. I just pre-ordered one. $1750 out the door seems to be a good value. There are of course other light mat options, but none this affordable.4x4-on-stand.jpg

For indoor interviews I'll typically I'll use a 2x1 CCT panel, add a softbox, add a 4x4 diffusion frame and a couple of flags. That's a junior stand, three C-stands, a few sand bags and 15 minutes of setup time. The 4kg Godox panel is light enough to only need a baby stand, and maybe the 4kg controller can be used to weight the stand base. That saves time, effort and gear that I need to transport.

There aren't any published photometrics that I could find but at 600 watts it's got to be very bright. It's foldable, has wireless DMX and it can run off V-mount batteries. Doesn't look like it includes a 4x4 grid or an Aputure-style stand clamp for the controller.

Godox F600BI Overview from B&H

A slim and versatile fixture designed to give flexibility in any environment, the foldable, 4 x 4' F600Bi Bi-Color LED Light Panel from Godox delivers convenience and portability for film and television professionals. The 600W LED panel light has a wide CCT range adjustable from 2700 to 8500K and offers impeccable color rendition with a CRI and TLCI of 96. The F600Bi also features stepless brightness dimming from 0 to 100% and along four dimming curves—linear, S-curve, exponential, and logarithmic. The light also comes with 11 preprogrammed special effects modes.

In addition to local control on the unit's controller power supply, the F600Bi supports industry-standard control protocols such as DMX512 and LumenRadio CRMX Control, as well as built-in 2.4 GHz wireless control and Bluetooth support, enabling compatibility with the optional Godox RC-R9 Remote and the Godox Light App. The F600Bi is rated at IP65 for dust and water resistance, ensuring the light bead and controller remain safe and operational in adverse conditions. The light comes with the controller, a connector cable, a power cable, a detachable metal frame and adapter holder for mounting, a softbox for diffusion, and two bags for carrying the panel and its accessories.

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at 600 watts , can't see V Mount batteries being that useful though.

240/300wh batteries are $$$ and you'll get less than an hour of run time.
same problem Aputure has on their lights even though they accept V Mount batteries.


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Ive gone for Intellytech mega 6  4x3 for the same use , interview key light .What I like about them as opposed to this one ,is that it comes with all the extras , soft box , diffuser , and grid . clamps , and even a ballast stud clamp, and carry case.They also have these fast pop up diffs with grid now. 

The problem is always spill all over the place , without a grid a real pain to control . Just buying this by itself you still need a load of stuff to make it work . Im sure it's a good light though, and definitely the way to go for location work then COB lights with massive soft boxes taking up half the room.  


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that Godox looks decent.  I ended up in the Intellytech system for mats, so two -2x2 mattes in a 2x4 frame has worked well, especially through 4x4 or 6x6.  (litemat 4L or kino 4'  form factor).  They won't compete with a sunlit window but it's more than enough otherwise.

I'm not a fan of eggcrates, but can you use them with the Godox setup?



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On 7/17/2023 at 1:43 PM, Tim Tyler said:

I've powered the Aputure 600D with a $130 190ah V-mount from Amazon and it worked fine. Don't recall if the light was at 100%.

You're right though. For a long interview at max brightness you'll need to have serious battery power.

Yes, V Mount batteries work but...
Aputure 600 series requires 2 14v batteries just to get 1/2 Power.

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I think, technically, with the amount of technology available, I would be happy wiring a 48v solar array, or a few lithium batteries direct to one of these batteries.  The only hard part is crimping the connection, or finding a compatible male connector.  Having built several of my own solar/battery power solutions this past year, the pieces are cheap, readily available, and easy to use.  Paying a convenience factor to EcoFlow or PortablePower to put everything in a box for you may not be the best use of funds.  Now, I realise I'm a gaffer with the technical knowledge to do this, and not everyone wants to go down that road.

I feel like eventually, AC or DC it won't matter.  Just plug it in and go. Which makes me think we are coming full circle.

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