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    AVI and Quicktime are container formats; what you put in them matters, but as containers they both do largely the same job. Quicktime is arguably a more modern format and has greater capability though you may not notice the difference in practice. The trick is that various software will give you various different options as to what you're going to put in these files. I'd decide based on that, more than anything else. P
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    The crop issue is only a problem if you see it as a problem. If the sensor crops in, take that into consideration and compensate with your lenses for it. If you know that you'll need a specific width, and the crop is a deal breaker, see if you have the capability of getting wider lenses to compensate for it. It will change your look a little bit depending on lenses, but that's the clearest workaround for such a thing - that and having decent amounts of space to position yourself in.
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    Then I'd probably go with C300. Red definitely looks nicer to most, but it has more of a tendency to overheat when self-recording for longer stretches of time.
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    Dan these must be foreign imports .. a British crew will be making do with Spruce, Birch..and Willow.. ingeniously bound with twine wax, and rubber bands.. and fashioned to purpose with a pen knife..no need for these Johnny foreigner C stands..
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