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    Grab the ocular, the black anodized rear flat cup, with a piece of soft rubber to unscrew it. After it’s off you can lift the top finder cover at the rear and slide it towards the front. From then on you see everything.
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    got it sorted, 1 of the ribbon cables to the display board had a connector corroded from a battery leak too long in storage! anyhow thanks for your help. Mark the tech manual is useful going forward, although I do hope I won't need it! cheers Robert
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    Gordon Willis will forever remain my number 1. A maverick.
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    Thankyou so much for letting us know you were happy. Stunning images! It makes such a difference to the Team to see great feedback. Cinelab London’s mission is simple, great client service through supporting all filmmakers, without compromise. Thanks, Stephen!
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    Thanks Mark, that was the detail I was looking for cheers Robert
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    thats great, Im quite used to working through German technical drawings (translator gets heavily used) many thanks for your help email is rmccormick174@gmail.com we transfer is quite good at sending files, I use it a lot best. Robert
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    The SUPER shallow DOF is throwing me off more than the lighting . Inadvertently make shots look like green screen.
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