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    Jon I appreciate the work offer .. shooting on film you say.. excellent .. on digital I would of course just need a moderate sized Winnebago with smarties.. but for film.. an old teak framed canvas marquee .. rattan chaise lounges ..a copy of "On the Road"..and incense of celluloid by my camp bed.. which must be a direct copy of that used by Fritz Lang during the making of Metropolis .. and a small jade opium pipe .. this will ensure my best work, and a masterpiece will be produced to lay before the world .. and indeed change the history of man kind .. I will give you some credit too of course .. oh and Tyler as my "tent boy"..
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    Can we let each other dream without the "constructive" criticism?
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    For me, I think it’d be 5-perf 65mm on the 1.25x Ultra Panatars from Panavision. It has the most incredible look, and I prefer the workflow of film on-set. Things are done less by committee, and people respect when the camera is rolling.
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