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    Yeaaaa that's not gonna fly on the big shows. I think the trick for now is going to be isolating everyone in a hotel near the set and simply making sure they don't leave the hotel or set during production. Most films that aren't shot on a studio lot, are made that way anyway.
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    Here’s my take: The older LEDs had more distinct differences in color and quality, but now most reputable lighting fixtures are much closer in these areas, where most could be used on the same set and in the same scene (Usually for different purposes.) example, if the inventory allows, I usually have the same brand for scene modeling, and same for backlight, and same for key, etc. If combining for the same “source” - The diffusion will certainly help blend them together, especially if they’re covering the same area of the diff. However, you’re also talking about blending a natively soft fixture with a 300d, which can be hardish. Generally speaking, I can see how one would want the same type of optics blowing through the same diff to get consistent shadows (I certainly would).
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    Such sonic commercial dreck. I would rather listen and watch badly synced post dubbed German punk Super 8 circa 1983.
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    The armband is genius! If I were to get into a multi-month production right now, I'd bring my crew in 2 weeks early and have them all stay at the same hotel. Everyone would have to isolate in the hotel before the shoot started and anyone that showed symptoms after 2 weeks would simply not go to set. Keeping people away from the main shooting area is brilliant, the armband system should help with that. But all in all, being outdoors in the sun, is probably going to be a deal killer for the virus, we don't know yet.
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    Just as an update. There have been around 4 or 5 commercials made in Madrid, Spain, this week, very small crews (for what people are used to) and with a lot of precautions. Next week there will be another 4 or 5. 🙂
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    Here are methods being used on a couple of films: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/15/movies/virus-filming-details.html?action=click&block=more_in_recirc&impression_id=492722835&index=3&pgtype=Article&region=footer
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    I can only assume that you are deliberately being obtuse. Nobody can be this slow to understand.
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    David, what proof are you talking about? What is it that is lacking? Don't just blurt stuff out. What fresh lunacy is this? You went into lockdown March 25th. How could anyone have known in March what is happening today? Look, nobody is happy with this virus and the problems it caused around the world. When life changing things happen and we are forced to change paths, people get scared and angry. Don't fall for the voices that are using this situation to cause more division. They are preying on people who find comfort in blaming others. Each government has done what they thought best in order to avoid a high death toll. In New Zealand "only" 21 people died because of the virus. You should celebrate that. And now put all your energy into a new start. Stay positive. If you think the hit to your economy is too great, you must answer the question of how many more deaths you personally would have been comfortable with? How many of your friends and family would you sacrifice? Can you do that?
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    I don't think it will ever be risk free. The efforts made are to minimize the risk. I read a report that says that masks and visors are reducing risk of infection up to 92% and that percentage keeps going down the longer you stay in the same room/area together.
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