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    I spent my COVID-19 time making this custom case for my Arri 235. It's now ready for combat. Shooting tomorrow.
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    These are just frame grabs from Vimeo not even the original scans.
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    7219 again from the same project. One light timed to color chart and nothing more.
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    7219 shot on Minolta xl84 in fully manual as I don't and will never use anything auto as part of a documentary.
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    Very annoying. S8 can be remarkable but these people love the imperfections of the format... I never have any focus issues or shakes etc bc i treat it as a camera rather than a toy. I go for the colors and the tonality of the format. S8 could look like a painting almost if shot properly.
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    Donate them to the V&A ... 😉
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    Throw them all away and use bi color LED,s.. its 2020..
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