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    Thank you, everyone, it seems that a bleach (potassium-based) was a problem indeed. I've been agitating lots more now. I've also noticed that the FOMA instructions on mixing are slightly different in English/Czech and German, so I tried the German version with reduced volume and tested several strips. It's so much better: I've developed 5 test strips, first following the German mixing instructions and times, and then adding 15 seconds per test to every step because I also wanted to see if you can reuse the chemistry. It seems that black is a lot deeper when developing times are a bit longer, even the 2nd one. But then again, the 3rd one came out almost clear. It looked great during 2nd exposure, but suddenly that yellowish color went a bit darker, which was odd. Still, I've continued with 2nd developer and fixer anyway just to watch the emulsion wash away in the end. Can you over-expose the film during the re-exposure? Then I did two more, all good. And the chemistry still works. Does it mean it would work in a large volume and with full-length film? I don't want to find out with serious material 😱. I've read that developer can be tested on an exposed piece of film, is it possible to somehow verify if the bleach and clearing bath still work too?
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    Hi Stephen! Yes I think you are right, my test shot I did is on Red Helium 8K FF, instead of Red Helium 4K FF (@120 FPS). Going by the crop ratio that would mean my 32mm test will actually need to be a 25mm! This is great as the wider focal length should help with the wider DOF. Perhaps F11 even F8 is a possibility now aha. I’ll be in a studio and the rudest in a dark box with only the light coming from the top. I really wanted a dual native ISO cinema camera it’s just rentals here in the UAE it’s harder to come by. Red Gemeni was first one my mind but it looks like it will have to be the Red Helium.
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