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    I've got a newborn son that is getting a LOT of attention.
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    Since we are all catching up on our reading, this John Adams bio is outstanding. G
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    I'm getting back to designing / 3D printing during the lockdown. Made this little guide that I epoxied on scissors to help me cut film in the changing bag. I could never do a straight cut and it was slowing me down while loading my Aaton 35III mags. Works great and will also be useful when loading still film too.
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    Watch the film and an interview with the filmmaker https://www.super8.tv/en/neon-lights-on-super-8/
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    Me in my front yard this afternoon. I pull weeds in the morning then work on editing the next ASC Manual in the afternoon. Just went through the last decade of American Cinematographer to update a recommended reading list. My wife & I walk our basset hound Clara multiple times a day. Last night I made borscht from scratch for dinner. Am thinking of making a loaf of bread with what flour I have left. Late last night I started watching “Robin and Marian” (1976) but have to finish it tonight. I’ve been watching my blu-ray set of “Space:1999” episodes over the past two months.
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    Not only the eyes but the amount of contrast from one side of the face to the other.
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    Indeed, I remember how angry peeps on Reduser got when someone posted a test that showed how much better the F23 looked then the RED One. Simply impossible! It's only HD, 4K must be better because its erm 4K
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