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  1. Hi Rick, Interested in the Canon 7-63. Could you email me with a price, please? phantasm0401@comcast.net Thanks much, Scott
  2. If anyone is interested, I have a Canon 1014 XL-S For Sale in "like new" condition with the original box and (I think) most of the original accessories. $650 OBO takes it. Message me if interested. Thanks!
  3. Gold dust? Meaning I should sell all I have as opposed to shooting it? :) Thanks for the input, folks. It looks like we're gonna go with ORWO to fill the remainder of our needs. If it had been my decision to make, I probably would have shot color negative, regardless of what the end product would be. However, that ship has sailed... Thank again!
  4. Hi folks, Looking to purchase some 35mm short-ends and re-cans, preferably 5222 and 5231. We need about 20,000' to complete our project. Please contact me through the board or at obscureimages@comcast.net if you have any leads on where to obtain some. We've purchased almost everything we can find on the west coast, so if anyone has some recommendations for the east coast or elsewhere, please let me know. Thank you!
  5. I live to have still photographers made at me. :D Just kidding. Thanks for the lead on ORWO. For the love of Pete, I can't believe we've never come across these folks. We're gonna have to test some of this for sure. In the meantime, the quest for 5222 and 5231 short-ends continues...
  6. Oh, by the way, we're looking for 5222 primarily but will also use 5231. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello all, My partner and I have been buying all of the 35mm B&W short-ends and re-cans that we can find for a project we're doing. I think we've purchased just about everything on the west coast. Can anyone point us in a direction on the east coast or elsewhere? We're about 20,000 feet shy of what we need. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello all, I have my Canon 8-64 T2.4 Super 16 lens for sale on eBay. Please check out item # 120764866511. I am accepting offers on it, so please message me through this forum or through eBay if you are interested. Thanks! PS. I've been told that this lens will work for 2K imaging on RED. I don't know this to be the case for sure, so please contact RED if you're wondering. All I know for sure is that it is one awesome Super 16 lens!
  9. Contact me if you're interested in an S16 Bolex SBM. Everything has been modified for S16, including the viewfinder.
  10. The recent film BLUE VALENTINE was shot on S16. Rob Zombie decided that the look of his HALLOWEEN remake, which was shot on 35mm, was too clean, so he shot his sequel on S16. Not long ago, I did the same thing that Tim did. A friend of mine and I took a bunch of our older 16mm and Super 16mm test footage that had been transferred to video and played it back on a 46" LED LCD HDTV. It looked great! I hope film doesn't die because, if so, I'll die (inside), too. :(
  11. Hello all, I purchased this 1014 XL-S camera when it was new, I am the only owner. The camera is in amazing, like new condition. Over the years, it's only had about 20 - 25 rolls of film through it. Everything functions as it should. It comes with the original packaging and original accessories. This is quite possibly the cleanest 1014 XL-S in the world! Serious inquires only. All serious offers will be considered. If interested, please contact me via private message on this website or at my email address: phantasm0401@comcast.net. Thanks!
  12. Hello all, I'm selling my Canon 8-64 Super 16 zoom lens. Overall, it's in excellent condition. All barrel markings are accurate. Front and rear elements are clean. There's no fungus, scratches or imperfections in the glass. There's only slight wear to the barrel due to normal handling. The lens is in Arri B mount. Serious inquiries only. All serious offers will be considered. Contact me via private message on this website or by email: phantasm0401@comcast.net. Thanks!
  13. Hi Will; Yes, I imagine that converting a projector to S16 might be more hassle than it's worth. Even if you found a 16mm projector that didn't have sound, you'd still run into the issues of trying to re-center the lens and finding a lens that would allow for the entire S16 frame to be projected. Besides, the way that most projector lenses are mounted, it'd probably be impossible to re-center the lens to begin with. One might be able to modify a projector to project Ulta 16mm though.
  14. There's a local lab that I use that will actually take S16 footage that I shoot for testing and print it to a 35mm work print and then project it for me in their projection room. Talk about a fascinating way to watch film! I'd love to have one of my 16mm projectors converted to S16 but I'm not sure if anyone does this. It sure would be a great way of reviewing S16 footage in the privacy of my own home though.
  15. I'm fascinated by the concept of Ultra 16. I have an Eclair ACL that is going to eventually get the U16 treatment from Bernie. I've stalled on doing this because I have a Super 16 ACL 2, so it's not a pressing issue. I'll eventually have it done though. To the original poster (or anyone else who might be interested), if you're looking for a great camera to convert to Ultra 16, I have a complete Canon Scoopic 16M that's for sale. It's the entire original kit including case, batteries, charger, etc. It even has a transformer unit so that the camera can be operated using AC. Anyone who might be interested in the above, please contact me at phantasm0401@comcast.net. I'll consider all reasonable offers. I wouldn't be selling this kit but for the fact that I have a Super 16 Bolex, so I'm covered in both the synch and MOS worlds where it concerns widescreen 16mm shooting. Ultra 16 is gaining more and more support. Certainly, the fine folks at Cinelicious aren't going anywhere and, in fact, they continue to make improvements to their Ultra 16mm work flow. If I didn't own any S16 cameras, I'd be converting all my stuff to Ultra 16 without hesitation.
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