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  1. btw you should post these canon 814 questions in the 8mm forum
  2. There should be a meter in the viewfinder, turn the knob back & forth until you see the marker indicating the f-stop
  3. Try this http://www.mondofoto.com/manuals/canonautozoom814electronic/
  4. You need px625 1.35V batteries for the meter (not sold any longer because of mercury content) . Buy replacements from Weincell (or cheaper alkaline button cell batteries from any electronics store, although they are 1.5V).
  5. Sad to hear this, one more setback for small format enthusiasts.
  6. Sounds interesting, which are the lenses? Arri standard mount is the same for Arri 16mm and for example Arri 2B 35mm, right?
  7. Any idea about a Zeiss zoom lens (10-100mm) with ARRI Bayonet mount? I read somewhere that standard 16mm lenses might cover 35mm aperture at focal lengths over 50mm....is there any way to calculate this?
  8. This Zeiss you found seems to be for Arri 16mm. Does it cover 35mm also? In that case, I have a Zeiss zoom 10-100mm (for 16mm cams), do you think that one works as well?
  9. How much (roughly) do a cheap "all-round" lens (say 35 or 50mm) for Arri IIB in OK condition typically go for on ebay / camera shops?
  10. I shot some 10 year old Fuji 64D and the results were good, nice colors, and only slight fogging. This film had been stored in a freezer. For faster films the storage effects of course would have been more severe...
  11. Looks great, nice backlight in the garage scenes. Are you sponsored by Zeunerts beer by any chance? ;)
  12. Ok, looking forward for the finished movie, there's never enough grindhouse flicks!
  13. I have a Tiffen 85BN6 filter, and from what I've understood it's a combination filter of 85B + ND 0.6. Since the ND 0.6 removes 2 stops of light, and the 85B 2/3 stops, will the total light loss be 2+2/3 stop? Or is the idea with this filter that it for "simplicity" just removes 2 stops like an ordinary ND 0.6?
  14. Thanks for sharing this interesting and detailed report! How did the transfer turn out?
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