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  1. I am looking for a BMCC shooter in the Kansas City area for a half day shoot (short talking head/beauty Broll) on Friday, November 15. Please email with reel/resume/rates. Thanks so much. Cheers, Christian chris (at) lockermanstudios (dot) com
  2. I'm looking to rent some kinos in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area for a basic corporate shoot and I thought I'd check with the trusted professionals here and solicit some recommendations. You all have not steered me wrong yet. Any recs or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Cheers, Chris www.chrislockerman.com www.lockermanstudios.com
  3. Hello All, It's been quite a while since my last post, but this site has always been very helpful to me and I hope to once again glean some of the vast knowledge featured here. I have a set of zeiss PL mount super 16mm lenses that don't get as much use as I would like so I am considering modifying a 7D or other DSLR so I can use them more frequently on smaller shoots. What are some of your thoughts for something like this? Thanks so much! -Chris
  4. I haven't had a chance to see "Che" yet (I will be viewing it shortly)... how did it all go wrong in the jungle? And what, in your opinion, happened?
  5. Thank you for all of the insight. And you all make great points. What do you guys think about the rolling shutter shearing of the Sonys? I know their CMOS sensors are 1/2", but if my verticals are comprised as I zip around the jungle, I may be more inclined to stick with Panasonic. I will be testing an EX-3 later this month, so I will certainly check that out, but I would be interested in your thoughts ahead of time. Thanks again!
  6. Definitely Blu-Ray and if all goes well, 35mm.
  7. Hello All, I will be heading down to the jungles of Brazil in a few months to shoot a low budget action/thriller and I am beginning to put together a potential list of HD packages to bring with me. I am looking for your professional insight and advice on the various cameras available. I am considering everything (from the good ol' HVX 200 workhorse, the Varicam, the Sony EX-3, the Cinealta 900 series, to even the Canon Mark 5DII etc etc.). Maneuverability (this will be the jungle and I will be racing around following the subjects and action - very difficult for a big rig), low light capability and recording formats/storage are my main concerns. Cost will be addressed later. Your thoughts and experience would be much appreciated. Thank you! -Christian
  8. Just wanted to say thanks again, David. I desaturated slightly then shot at 1/1000 shutter speed, balanced for indoor tungsten to give it a cold, blue feel, and ended up achieving exactly the look the director wanted. The blood and sweat and action (with the fast shutter speed it really kicks) all look fantastic. In fact, without the blazing sun, I don't think we would have achieved as good a look (unless we flooded the whole alley with HMIs, but we didn't have those kind of resources). Go figure. Anyway, thanks again, David.
  9. You're going to need to work hard with your performers. The smoother they are, the smoother your shots will be when you reverse them in post.
  10. Thanks, David. I will run some test shots tomorrow.
  11. I will be shooting a short scene this weekend in a decrepit old alley with Sony's Cinealta 900. We will not have the good fortune of a generator, so we will be unable to light the subjects (two actors), and achieving the look we want is going to be quite a task. We will be in Atlanta, but the director wants the look to be more Northeast industrial, a kind of steely gray (think Fincher's 7), but the weather report calls for clear skies and blazing sun. We will have a giant silk, reflectors, etc. but I am wondering if I can adjust the camera setttings in the matrix to help achieve the mood we want. I know that we will do some manipulating in post, but I want to make sure I do everything I can to get the original image is as close to the mood and look the director wants. Can anybody impart some knowledge or advice? Thanks!
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