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  1. It's a 4-week shoot here in L.A., mostly at one location. Although low budget ($850k), we're a very experienced team, and you can see us here. We've got 15 Emmy nominations and won 4 (The Simpsons, Frasier), and have an Oscar-winning composer on the project. And yes, we know lots of DPs, but they all work at the network/studio level and we can't afford them on this. Also, they're all booked. ;) So we need a hungry up-and-coming DP for our Christmas comedy. Shooting on an Alexa and finishing in UHD. The movie has distribution. This is a character-driven family Christmas comedy. As for style, it would be as though Woody Allen directed A Christmas Story. Longer takes, but with fast-paced farce. Lots of blocking. Excellent cast with great comedic timing. As a director, I'm extremely collaborative with the DP, so you won't be just following orders. I want a creative partner, not someone phoning it in. It's a great chance for someone who wants to (1) get a feature under their belt with a fun, Emmy-winning team, or (2) has been doing lots of drama/horror and wants to cleanse their palate with a witty comedy. Of course there is pay, but remember the $850k budget. Please post links to your reel and I'll look at them all. Many thanks, David
  2. Thank you all so much for the information and the links! I googled my butt off and couldn't find that info. Yeah, I love that Alexa. A friend shot a feature on it and we saw it at the Academy, and it looked beautiful. As for Freya's post about my use of "spaz-cam," I don't know what word she's afraid I used. It's short for "spasmodic," as in a spasmodic cough. When your muscles contract against your will. It's the kind of camera work wherein it seems like the operator is having a seizure and is flailing about. I meant it as in the opposite of "controlled." Also known as "lazy directing." :) I looked it up in a UK slang dictionary, but the only thing I could possibly find was a definition saying it was a "foolish person." That's not an American usage of it. Anyway, sounds tame to me... *sigh* When will those Brits learn proper English?!
  3. The new hit show on BBC America has an interesting look. The cinematography is great (aside from the occasional spaz-cam moves, thankfully few and far between.) Does anyone know what camera they are using? I thought it might be a Red, but it doesn't have the yellow smear Red has in the sunlight. (At least the footage I've seen with Red has that.) I'm a director, not a DP, so forgive me if "yellow smear" isn't a technical term :)
  4. Hello all. We're doing a few episodes of a new comedic web series in mid April in Los Angeles. It's a two day shoot, likely on a weekend (schedule not firm yet). We have a budget, but not much. We have an HVX200 but are certainly open to something better if you have access to such a thing. Please PM me with a link to your reel. The project is written by and starring mostly women, so female DPs will get a fair consideration when applying. (Yeah, I know I shouldn't have to say this in 2012, but...) The director (me) is experienced so you won't have to do any hand holding :) I'm also very collaborative, so you will have a lot of input into the final product. The set will be fun yet focused and final product will be something you won't be embarrassed to have on your reel. Thanks.
  5. Hello all. We're looking for a DP for a 1 day shoot inside a studio in Los Angeles in May. It'll be sometime during the last 2 weeks of May (date not confirmed yet). We're using a Sony AVR H1 camera. We'll have plenty of lights to work with, and it's all on one set. It's a comedy short with two talented British actresses. I'm the writer/director, and here I am on IMDB. As you can see, it's not my first day on the job, so it'll be a fun, professional shoot. I'm very easygoing to work with. Also, I'm very collaborative so you'll have lots of input if you want. (Don't worry, I know the effect I want, so you won't end up having to direct, too.) Alas, there's no budget to pay, but we will of course feed you :) This would be good for someone who wants some comedy on their reel. I'll have an edit for you in a few weeks. Please email me if interested. Thanks! David Willis
  6. No, I am not related to Bruce Willis. I have hair. :)
  7. Fortunately, I am not. So I am not in danger of coming into contact with Snookies. Sadly, the forum software will not let me edit my post, so thanks for the opportunity to clarify that the shoot is in Los Angeles. Shoot date is not set, but it will be between May 10-14. I'd like to delete the post and start over, but again, the forum software does not allow deletions. Thanks for your time.
  8. Hey everyone. We need a DP for a one day shoot for a comedic short film. It's inside a studio on a set with lots of lighting equipment, and a Sony HVR A1 camera. I've directed lots of comedy, and here I am on IMDB. It's not my first day on the job -- I've worked for hit network shows -- so you won't be having to explain to me about crossing the line :) This is a fun one day project that's suitable for someone who wants to add comedy to their reel. Alas, no pay, but there's food (of course). Please email me if interested. Thanks for your time, David Willis p.s. Here's something I have up on FunnyOrDie: Swan Lake Health Care Ballet
  9. Hello all. I feel sheepish placing this in the "jobs" section since there's no money, but I thought some of you might find this project amusing. We're shooting a minute and a half version of the ballet Swan Lake and how it relates to health care in America. We did it live at the L.A. Comedy Festival last month and the audience loved it, and I know it would translate well to the screen. We're shooting with a Canon XL-H1s in a small studio in West L.A. with lots of lighting gear (all donated). It's a 6 hour shoot on Sunday, December 20th. I know a lot of talented DPs read this board, so if any of you would like to have fun for a day and get some ballet footage on your reel, then drop me a line at favedave@gmail.com . I'm the writer/director, and here I am on IMDB. Happy holidays, David Willis
  10. Ditto. I'm a director and I've worked with Bruce Alan Green several times -- he's top notch.
  11. Hello all you talented DPs. I'm looking for a DP for this Tuesday, August 4, who's looking to add something funny and visual to their reel. The piece is called "The Worst Magician in the World." Alas, no pay (apologies), but my working style is fun and professional -- as comedy should be. I'm saying this to specifically counter the all-too-common experience of "less pay = less respect." (I've experienced it, and I imagine you have, too. Not going to happen with me!) I'm shooting three 1 minute comedy pieces, with one actor performing directly to the camera. It's one setup for all three pieces, and the camera doesn't move. So when I say "easy," I'm not exaggerating. The whole thing should take maybe 3 hours, tops. I'm a writer/director ( my IMDB listing). I wrote for several hit network shows, and I'm doing several web series this fall that will have actual budgets. This piece I'm doing Tuesday does not have a budget, so it would be strictly a "build your reel doing something fun" experience. If you're interested, please email me ASAP since we're shooting this Tuesday. BTW, the shoot is in a friend's house in Hollywood Hills near the Hollywood Bowl if distance is a factor for you. We've got an HVX 200, an Arri light kit, and misc. gear. Thanks for your time, and again, apologies for the non-paying gig. -- David Willis
  12. Well, David, that's what I aim to do--find someone as talented and as cheap, uh, I mean inexpensive. No, I mean "cost effective". Yeah, that's it. We don't even have Northfork money. :( BTW, I posted an ad on craigslist and got over 75 replies. I'm amazed at how many talented and hungry people are out there. (Well to be honest, they're not all talented, but you get the idea...) Thank you all for your wonderful feedback! Oh, and David, 70% of my movie is exterior daylight in one location. We're building a Renaissance Faire set and so we'll have control over it for 3 weeks. There are a few crowd scenes, but most scenes only have 2 people in them, which is how I think I can pull this off. Any thoughts? BTW, the Faire is being built by volunteers! The outpouring of support from the Faire community is heartwarming. The movie would literally not be possible without them.
  13. Los Angeles. You mean there are other places besides here? Hmmmm....someday I must try and see those places on TV. And by 9 people, I mean in grip and electric and camera combined. Sorry, I think of all that image-gathering as the same dept.
  14. Hi. I am a director making an ultra low budget 35mm feature this July, and I need the right DP. The good news: - it's a comedy/romance set in a Renaissance Faire, so there will be some fun visual elements. - though I have a strong vision, I am an extremely collaborative director. I welcome and crave creative input from the DP. - it will be on 35mm film (3 perf). - this is my first feature, but I am not a first time director, having directed 20 short films and also theatre. I know my way around a set, so that means you don't have to do any handholding. I also worked on "Frasier" for 11 years (in another capacity), so I'm not new to the business. - I wrote for several hit network shows, so the script is good (in fact, Disney and others wanted to buy it, but I want to direct, so no sale). - I have respect for the crew and am extremely appreciative of professionals working at a discount rate. - It's not shooting till July so there's plenty of prep time. The bad news: - it's ultra low budget, so the pay is low. You need another reason to work on this film in addition to the money. Only you can determine if it's worthwhile to you after learning about the project. (We can talk about a dollar figure if you're interested). - it's ultra low budget, so you won't have all the gear in the world, but we are getting a good package from Panavision. - it's ultra low budget, so you won't have a large crew. Probably 9 in your department total. Basically, I need David Mullen from 1998 when he was doing those Polish Brothers films! It's that kind of collaboration I want, and I won't settle for anything less. What we don't have in money, we will make up for in other ways. Others have done projects like this that succeeded, it's not easy, but it's what we're doing. Email me at favedave@pacbell.net if you're interested. -- David Willis "Your film is like a grenade exploding in my head!" -- Terry Gilliam, after seeing my short film "The Disappearing Girl Trick" screen at the DGA. He was smiling when he said it, so I'm pretty sure he meant this in a good way. "I loved your film. Seriously. I wouldn't lie about that, I really f**king loved it!" -- David O. Russel after seeing my short film "Help Me, Oprah" screen at the DGA.
  15. But, actually, I would LOVE to find a core group of people for future projects. Like Clint Eastwood and his band of regulars. But I never promise people anything I can't deliver. Plus, I wouldn't want to make such a promise till AFTER I've worked with someone.
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