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  1. I need the CHINON 806/1026 SM DIRECT SOUND owner's manual for my 506 SM XL camera very much. They have common features. I posted the same for 506 SM XL, I think nobody has one... I will be very glad if you could donate one in jpeg or pdf. Many thanks!
  2. Does anybody have the CHINON 506 SM XL DIRECT SOUND manual to share the scans? Many thanks!
  3. Hi, Anyone has the Crown 8 Model EZS manual? I need it... If yes, could you please send the scans or pdf. Many thanks!
  4. Does anyone have that brochure seen on attachment? If yes, would you please share it. Many thanks!
  5. Hi Guys! I used a Quarz 2x8-S camera for DS8 films (Fuji 50D) supplied from WITTNER in Germany. The results are excellent! But the stock is expensive... Next, I will shoot some rolls of the same stock with meopta A8 G2 DS8 camera... If you want, I can supply you information about these ugly but effective cameras... I will buy some Kodak 100D stock. In any case, this stock is more reasonable priced and you can use ND filters anytime... Cheers!
  6. The manuals are found finally. After my request, meopta is added various manuals to their website. But in Czech :) and in English for a similar older model . Better than nothing!
  7. Hi Folks, I am currently looking for a meopta A8 G2 SUPRA manual in any language. Scans will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your invaluable time! All the Best
  8. Wow, a reply from a Turk :o Rica ederim, her zaman (You are welcome, anytime)...:)
  9. 16SR 35III 35III (2nd Generation) Enjoy!
  10. Does anyone have scans or PDFs of the S.O.S. Photo-Cine-Optics, NY Catalogs dates back 70s? I know they have many pages, and its a boring thing to do it... In any case, I thank you so much for your attention!
  11. Hi Folks, I am currently looking for these brochures in PDF for my collection: Anyone is interested in donating scans or pdfs? Many thanks for all your efforts!
  12. Does UHER 4400 Report Monitor accept a resolver and a crystal generator to shoot sync sound film? Can I use the UHER Z522 Sync Generator on this model for sync track? I have seen nothing about that in its manual. Many thanks for your invaluable advice.
  13. I have a Magnon Instdual ZRS movie projector, and its power cord is lost. I need the replacement 3-pin female plug to be connected to male 3-pin receptacle on the body. Can I find a similar one on the market? Any advice will be helpful and appreciated.
  14. I have one complete set of gray-colored Minette SIXTEEN editor with the Minette DELUXE manual-operated Rewinder, which is an excellent product. I also have a black-colored Minette EIGHT editor/viewer. SIXTEEN is very rare though! Try the Japanese auction sites with translation...
  15. Today I've got a message from Mr. Kent Bulza <kent@single8film.com>: Erkan: Thanks for your email. By now you should have received a refund for your order. If you haven't let me know. Right now I'm in the middle of closing down operations as soon as all refunds have been issued. There is a very small supply of expired stock available. I'm planning on placing it on eBay shortly. I'm sorry I wasn't able to fulfill your order. Earlier in the year we ran into some financial problems because someone (not related to single8film.com) did not pay me. This caused us to get into a bad situation with our suppliers. Only in the last few weeks have I been able to make up for the damage. But we won't be selling Single-8 film beyond the supply we now have. We may continue selling batteries -- I haven't decided that yet.
  16. I've got all my money paid to Single8 from PayPal back.
  17. Hi Nakano, Thank you! Don't translate it, cause I bought the photocopies of its English manual on internet. Can you scan the manuals in Japanese of RICOH 800Z and FUJICA ZC1000 just for my collection? Please scan them in good resolution for printing. Thank you for all your efforts. Best,
  18. Same for me, Ernie! Three times e-mail and one time fax, result: NO answer at all. I paid USD 127! I am very nervous!!! Keep informed each other. Thanks!
  19. Does anyone have the RICOH 800Z Super8 camera manual? If yes, the scans will be very helpful. Thank you for all!
  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GREG! I've got it on the ECLAIR 16 COMMUNITY website.
  21. I need an eclair ACL Parts Catalog with parts drawings and lists (designations) in pdf or print. Thank you for your support!
  22. Thanks Tim! It interrupts the downloading after 68% is done! Could you give us the direct pdf link. I am currently looking for an ACL PARTS CATALOG.
  23. Hi Olex, I bought one Normal 16 with Angenieux 12-120. Its one of the latest build ACL IIs. I need it converted to Super16 and added video tap, as well as a zoom lens in C-mount covers Super16. Can you offer these in high quality? Thanks.
  24. I bought one, so don't take care of it. Thank you.
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