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  1. Hey there, shot a few vids for Miike Snow on the fly a couple of months ago. Here is the result of one of the weird little numbers shot in about 8 hours down at DC-stages LA :-) Cheers http://www.fredrikbackar.com/#miike_snow_paddling_out
  2. All flasbacks exept when the girl runs down the studio Hill. The scene with the old nazi showing photos. Most of the opening. And a bunch others. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, I don´t post so much here but read alot I do. As some of you have already have said, sometimes things just don´t work out between two people. I did my six weeks of shooting and then Jeff went on from there. All my stuff is in there still, but the credit bit eludes me though. But hey, No hard feelings, it happens. Cheers
  4. Swede as I am please look at Lulius Jaenzon, I guess the biggest stepping stone in Swedish cinematography. Some 100 films over 40 years with The Phantom Carriage at the top of the mountain (1921). That film just superseeds anything cinematographically from that era, true wizardry with what was at hand. Around these days I hold Savides the highest absolutely, the range that man has shown during his years is amazing. From Romanek - Madonna´s rain - To Jerry and Elephant to Birth. Deakins has fabulous moments. I do also find myself watching films on television every now and then that look amazing, small films with people never heard of, so I certainly the world is full of amazing DP:s that are never heard of really.
  5. Hi all! desperately in the hunt for the de-squeezer anamorph unit for the kish ultimate finder. Any suggestions or does anyone carry one for sale? all best Fredrik. Fredrik Bäckar FSF Svankärrsvägen 8A S-75653 UPPSALA SWEDEN Agent Sweden: www.magnoliaagency.se Agent Germany: www.estherkurle.com Cell: +46 70 635 65 34
  6. Sweden´s been real good both 07 and 08 at least for me this far (nock on wood). It´s all in cykles for people I think, with no real logic to it. But rumors say that europe is slow right now in all really.
  7. Yes I too am wondering about the storage bit. probably the old 200 exr if anything could be the only thing to make it in longtime freeze, and then maybe in combination with the 79. That would probably be a nice mix. A nice rumour to ponder over though :-) Lets wait till the AC about it comes out and see :-)
  8. On a new note, as discussed in another topic, I am almost certain that they are shooting exr for the new film. As I was looking for exr for a commercial throughout the world a year ago, I found out there was a very large freezer storage of it ear marked for an up coming production. So I couldn´t get any. And I naturally thought; the next spielberg Indiana Jones thing is of the kinda budget to realise such a thing. What do you guys think??
  9. No probs on the light :-) The alpha is a wonderful light!! As I said, human error was our problem it turned out later. All best/Fredrik
  10. Just to put more clarity into the fact; these situations with varied shutter angles are tricky ones where one should procede with caution and strange things may happen with any brand at any day. I have used the alpha 18k to success in these situations also and on the aformentioned shoot there was human error involved and not equipment error. I just wanted to clarify that it is a trick venture where you must be very meticulous :-)
  11. if you venture over 100fps things might start happening. I speak from experience. It seems not all ballasts hold up as they should. On my shoot it was an alpha 18k from K5600 that gave flicker at 100 fps 90degree angle... so be a bit causious.
  12. I´m very sure it´s not BW. skintones suck. And the colored window supports it too I guess. Saw the wainright version on youtube. Beautiful magritte video! And it is Dakota fanning in it no??
  13. I beg to differ :-) Insider is a feat of movie history at the top all films made; in my eyes. cheers
  14. Hello all! I am the proud owner of a laserdisc edition of Michael Mann´s The Keep. A film of utter beauty and mystical feeling where Mann is at his best ever!! I know there´s been talk of a aniversary edition DVD for a VEEEEERY long time now but nothing seems to have happened after Paramount postponed the release date 2 years ago... So to my question; Does anyone have any news about this release? I would love to see the Alex Thompson Cinematography on blu-ray really as the analogue beauty laserdisc actually surpasses most DVD´s in quality! (at least on my pioneer plasma :-) ) There is supposedly a 180min dir cut also, and an american television version of it with a longer ending. Any info appreciated!! Here´s a great link to browse :-) http://www.the-keep.ath.cx All best/Fredrik
  15. The opening and the jazzbar scenes(35mm) in collateral hit me in the gut after having the rest look like an episode of cops - and that statement came from my girlfriend who cares and knows just about nothing about the gathering processes of film. Miami vice lost me at hallo...... The shots on vid in Ali didn´t make me crinch so much as I felt they were incorporated in a more meta fashion, conjuring up a feeling of immediacy and documentary outside of the story in quite an appropriate way. Hope that wasn´t just by chance :-) (Otherwise I hold The insider as one of the best shot films of all time; 100% forward push of the script and characters in an inventive and unobtrusive way; I didn´t understand how good the cinematography was ´til the second time I saw the film. 1st time around it was just an experience. I would even say one of the best films ever made.) My major opposition to digital right now is how it does NOT make the world a more painterly overbeautified place, but rather depicts to you the world you wake up to every day. In the cinema that´s the very same place I wanna leave for 2 hours.... And, having made tests on 65mm a week or so ago together with "audiris" I´m even further from agreeance with the digital realm and that´s not discussing resolution..... I recently read about the "mirroring neurons" of the brain in a large italian study - look for it on the web and I believe you´ll find out more about where the subconscious comes into play in differing between vid and film. But, that said, any format is good if used right and by people who know how to use it. "The party"(Festen) for instance on the pd 170 i believe. Fantastic. But the feeling of reality that the format gives you is what it´s all about there etc etc. all best for now :-)
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