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  1. I am shopping for a fisheye to fit my 7D, and am confused on the claims of some lenses. Comparing a 7mm with an 8mm fisheye, they both claim to have a 180 degree diagonal angle of view. How can this be if the focal lengths are different? How can i determine which fisheye is widest?
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/2-5mm-C-MOUNT-Lens-CCT...#ht_8273wt_1167 Would this lens cover the 16mm format? Or even screw into a traditional C Mount? Thanks- Nick
  3. The film was bought from raw-stock.com I was told it was stored in a fridge/freezer, and i believe he recommended i open up one stop to compensate. I'm traveling, and therefore unable to have the film clip tested. Any suggestions? Do you think opening one stop is enough? -Nick
  4. I have 400' of Vision250D, which i assume is a number of years old. How many stops should i open up to compensate for the old stock? Thanks- Nick
  5. Nick Norton

    Gray NPR?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Eclair-NPR-16mm-Film-C...7#ht_674wt_1167 What is up with this NPR? Never seen one in that color. -Nick
  6. Nick Norton

    16mm Skating

    Better Quality: thenewhighlife.com/flick.html Lower Quality: http://vimeo.com/7993616 Shot on Eclair ACL. Some super 8 in there too. -Nick
  7. Does prepping the film do anything to the image? I understand it cleans the film, but does this just eliminate dust/etc? Does it make the image sharper or anything like that?
  8. My lab charges extra for prepping the negative to be transfered/telecine, and i was wondering if this was really necessary. What does the prep do for the film? Why not just take the film straight from processing and telecine it? Thanks- Nick
  9. I'm trying to take 50 and 75 fps footage and realistically play it back at 24 fps. All of the necessary information is there... i'm just trying to take some of it away. -nick
  10. Why would Ultra 16 cost so much less than Super 16? ... Especially if it's 90% Super 16. -nick
  11. I want to see a photo. I would be surprised if this thing ever existed.
  12. Audio doesn't look synced up correctly. Also, a wider variety of shots might have helped. -nick
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