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  1. If you manage to get it rigged up and don't hurt yourself, anyone else or any of the equipment, how will you provide the DMX control to the SkyPanel.
  2. You could span 12 feet, but I would use iron pipe and not speedrail. Additionally, I'd set it up as one would a menace arm (except upside down), effectively making an element of a truss, increasing the strength. The reality is, for a crew of one, who hasn't done any sort of rigging before, this is above your experience level and a hazard to everyone on set.
  3. You can get your lights up higher (20+ feet) as David Mullen suggests using high-high overhead roller stands. Maybe use two 1.8k HMIs instead of the 1.2 and the 575. Your hanger diagram indicates many 120VAC receptacles, they are tied into how many circuits of what amperage?
  4. Source your own flat screens to mount just in front of those those there, then you can control content displayed. Airport and train station seating is a fairly specific thing, how will you solve that set dressing issue?
  5. I think $2000 is a joke for a music video. How will you power the lighting? a 6K HMI draws 65A, a 5k Tungsten 40A.
  6. I'm estimating that the hanger is about 25' to the peak of the roof. To do anything other than turn the HID lights off you are going to need a man-lift. Is that in your budget?
  7. Doesn't look at all like HPS lighting to me. Metal Halide or possibly Mercury Vapor.
  8. More like 2400w/120v=20a. I don't think you're going to meter less than 120V anywhere (USA) even under load. Not even in Harlem, NYC in the Summer. A 20a breaker doesn't trip at exactly 20.001 amperes. Why don't you try your 4 bulb ACL setup in a see how long it takes the breaker to trip. If you think you are going to run your light on the end of a 100 foot stinger, then all bets are off.
  9. Instead of, "So I'm completely shooting in the dark here", maybe you can have this posting moved to the correct section of the forum?
  10. Here's the website of the company that makes and sells it in the USA. http://www.warpbros.com/detail.asp?section=windows&cat=screen-glass&product=24 Maybe they have a Aus. distributor or can give you the name of a manufacturer of a similar product.
  11. I find the above a little humorous..... Who is responsible for the electrical safety of cast and crew on set? Who decides what precautions need to be taken for cable connections, distro and lighting equipment? Who is qualified to decide that it's not safe to continue to power and light an exterior during a rainstorm? I'll give you a little hint, it's not the DP.
  12. All Manfrotto/Avenger stands and grip gear used to be manufactured in a single town in Italy. Sadly the bean counters won out and now it's all far east import.
  13. If you don't contact Gilbert and ask him if he has a schematic for the ballast, your above statement will certainly remain true.
  14. You could open the head and ballast and figure out what pins are used for what function. You can call or email Gilbert at Galaxy and get the straight dope about using the ballast with the head you have: http://galaxylightingrepair.com/index.html
  15. What/where is the light coming from now? Sodium streetlight diagonally across from the door? Or wall mounted security light accross the street? Will you want to completely replace the light and direction of the lighting? More toppy? More photos would have helped, can't take too many on a location scout.
  16. Call or visit Rose Brand in Secaucus, NJ. Probably the largest supplier of theater and scenic fabrics in the tri-state. They should be able to advise correctly. You might find just what you need in the remnant room, https://www.rosebrand.com/
  17. It would certainly disperse the light, then you'd spend a lot of effort flagging the light off areas where you don't want it?
  18. Sometimes, the best thing to give you a Venetian blind breakup is a set of Venetian blinds. I like the wide wooden ones.
  19. No dude, the 4x4' utrabounce floppy doubles a 8'x4' black flag and an utrabounce as well. I wouldn't waste an ultrabounce floppy using it as a courtesy. $100USD or less buys you a 10x10 ez-up canopy with sides to serve as video village.
  20. Might as well have 4x4 floppies made with black/white ultrabounce. Then they can do double duty.
  21. I think he's right, millions of images of "crap", taken just to post to online and collect "likes". No composition, not carefully exposed, viewed on a tiny phone screen and if printed, would probably look like crap.
  22. Many rental houses run tubes until they fail or get broken. If you are swapping tubes between daylight and Tungsten on a shoot. are you going to slow the shoot down by making sure that matching tubes go back in a given head? No.
  23. Could have been the connector on the Magic Gadget being worn from being used so many times. The blades of a Hubbell are gripped by spring tension. Not a good grip, more resistance and arcing. Have you never experienced a wall outlet so worn, the cord falls out from its own weight?
  24. Yes dimmers ( or variacs ) work on practicals. Commando cloth might be better to control spill on the paper lanterns. ND works well on the inside of lampshades.
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